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About Us

Property 6 Homes

Dream, Inspire and be Inspired

A full service Real Estate Brokerage based in Kansas City.

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Our Story

I left my 10-year career as a Paramedic/Firefighter to follow my dreams in real estate. My experience in the industry dates back more 20 years when, at the age of 21, I purchased my first one-bedroom, one-bathroom investment property.

My late grandfather James Freeman inspired me to make that first purchase. He told me, “You can choose to throw away your money and be a have-not, or you can choose to own something and control your destiny for generations to come.” Since then, I have followed my grandfather’s advice and become educated in the various ways to invest in real estate.

This why my family and I created Property 6 Homes, a real estate brokerage, based here in our hometown of Kansas City, to help carry out this mission! The 6 in"Property 6"means INVEST. 

Our goals are clear: We seek to educate. We have built a successful portfolio and now it’s time to get you involved!

Let’s discuss your next PURCHASE, SALE or INVESTMENT! 


Dream, inspire and be inspired...


Property 6 Homes

Meet The Team

Our Service

Through continued education, a community of trusted advisors and an incredible support staff, Property 6 Homes has the strongest and most talented team in the local area.

Contact us to find out more.

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